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About International Society for Renal Research (ISRR)

The International Society for Renal Research (ISRR) is a global organization of nephrologists, researchers, and other professionals dedicated to advancing the science and practice of nephrology. The ISRR provides an international forum for scientific exchange and dialogue, offering educational opportunities, resources, and advocacy for the nephrology community. Through its annual meetings and publications, the society promotes research and clinical practice in the field of nephrology and educates the public about kidney health. The ISRR also works to improve the quality of life for those with kidney diseases and to advocate for better access to care and treatment.

What We Do

The primary goals of ISRR are the professional advancement of doctors, medical practitioners, and young researchers as well as the general advancement of the organization for nephrology and diabetes research. Integrity, Continuous Learning, Innovation, Leadership, and Commitment to Medical Professionals are the guiding concepts of ISRR ideals that will ensure better development in the future.
  • We promote easy access in both urban and rural locations.
  • Organizing public education initiatives, diagnostic programmes, and other conferences and camps to address issues.
  • ISRR is committed to innovation and curiosity in the fields of nephrology and diabetes and how they apply to real-world issues.
  • ISRR is convinced that working with other associations and organizations will result in a brighter future.
  • Through the Patient Emergency Fund, ISRR offers financial assistance to patients in need.

Our Values

The International Society for Renal Research (ISRR) is dedicated to advancing the science of renal research, its clinical applications and education in order to promote better health among individuals and communities worldwide.
The ISRR's vision is to be a leader in promoting excellence in renal research and to provide a forum for the exchange of scientific and clinical information worldwide.

Our Story

As a professional organization, the International Society for Renal Research (ISRR) was founded in 2015 to address the dire needs of medical professionals working in the fields of nephrology and diabetes by fostering R&D in our nation and preserving the public. A resolution adopted by the board during our inaugural meeting, held in Chennai, India, in 2015 brought about the establishment of the organization on the initiative of a small group of professionals, professors, and scientists from south India.
Before becoming affiliated with Technoarete organizations, ISRR operated as a standalone organization up until the beginning of 2016. On November 26–27, 2019, in Jakarta, Indonesia, we successfully hosted our first "International Conference on Diabetes and Endocrinology," which featured a number of presenters and attendees from around the world. To make ISRR one of the burgeoning scientific powers of the globe, we left our mark by the end of 2019 in practically all colleges, universities, and research institutions in India with a proposal of institutional collaboration.

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