Institutional Assistance

Institutional Assistance

ISRR supports the Universities/Institutions for organizing conferences, Meetings, Summits, Research Talks, Workshops by collaborating with them. ISRR provides the Universities/Institutes research consultancy and technical advice to Nephrology & Diabetology professionals and academicians with a vast network of international experts in all areas of science.

Scientific Activities by ISRR:

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Engaging academics in rigorous interactions about updated scopes in the field of Nephrology & Diabetology is very important. ISRR interacts with its associates with the theme of recent and advanced developments in the field of Nephrology & Diabetology by organizing conferences, scientific events, professionals meetings, workshops etc.

Organizing conference to make our peers and wizards meet to share their experience and knowledge is our focus. Since, we have started our dedicated journey by organizing International Conferences and global standard events in different Institutions & Universities to provide scope for scientific interactions to the technically buddy Professionals in the field of Nephrology & Diabetology from all across the world. To reduce the gap between academics, research & Industries we have emphasized on the research connection among Medical Professionals and Doctors at our conference. ISRR supports for establishing chapters in the Universities/Institutions.