Digital Library

ISRR Digital Library

The ISRR Digital Library is one of the world’s most comprehensive databases of full-text articles and bibliographic literature covering Nephrology & Diabetology.

This renowned repository includes the complete collection of ISRR publications plus an extended bibliographic database of core works in Nephrology, Diabetology & Healthcare from scholarly publishers.

The Digital Libraries integrated features, functionality, and content constitute a critical resource for Nephrology & Diabetology professionals. The Digital Library is designed to facilitate information sharing, and collaboration for Nephrology & Diabetology professionals, Medical Practitioners, Doctors, Academicians and Educators. It offers a window on the digital world, with access to ideas and innovations -- great and small -- that continue to foster and form the information age.

Expanding the scope of the ISRR Digital Library beyond ISRR’'s conference proceedings, journals, magazines and newsletters to include fully integrated bibliographic data of all Nephrology & Diabetology literature has proven to be an extremely important part of that primary goal. The ISRR Digital Library aims to be a destination where presentation and collaboration allow for relationships to form, extending the boundaries of the past and envisioning the future.